Storm's Eye

What if the future needs…you?

Olivia Becker of Calimesa, California lost everything – her home and possessions – to a raging wildfire. Worse, Dad then took her to live with his fiancee and her kids. Enough! If no one will listen here, she’ll go somewhere else! Only somewhere else turns out to be 300 years in the future. There, Project Hourglass asks fourteen-year-old Olivia to lead a team of other time-yanked teens from across the centuries, all to save a stranded interstellar colony.

Planet Noros is beautiful, stormy, and dangerous! With help from Najwa, Leonidas, Everet, and the floating AI, Giotto, Olivia must cross the stars, face the fury of a storm world, unite a team that spans thousands of years, rescue 300 marooned teens, and make it back before they all run OUT OF TIME.

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