Glimmers In The Night

Book of the Witch's Son 1

Jeth knows only three things - his mother is dead, his home will be taken from him, and his best chance for survival is to find an apprenticeship as a witch.

His only mistake was stealing his mother's crystal ball when he wasn't supposed to take anything. Fleeing the only home he's ever known, Jeth evades his neighbors, struggles with his magical powers, and accidentally makes a bargain with a faerie.

Jeth knows he shouldn't trust the faerie Aneirin. But when all he has to do is travel with the creature to the next town over, what's the harm? A few days on the road and he would be free to start a new life, a different life.

Or was his future already decided for him?

Here's what our readers say


- Author Samaire Wynne

"If you're a fan of fae stories, this is a thoroughly enjoyable read. Kept me guessing and made the fae feel truly alien and dangerous. Classic fairy tale vibes."

Author Christina Dickinson