Fantasy author from Denver Colorado. LGBTQ+ Sensitivity Reader/Editor. Novels, comics, and script writing.

October K Santerelli is an author, LGBTQ+ sensitivity reader, and international speaker and presenter who calls Denver, Colorado ‘home.’ His works span several genres, including fantasy, historic romance, and science fiction. He writes for multiple age groups, having in the past written for young adult and adult audiences. Santerelli has written in multiple formats, creating everything from novels, novellas, and short stories to comic scripts and video game pitches.

His career began with training the dog of a best-selling author, and led through one networking opportunity after another until he was introduced to award-winning author David Brin. His first published novel was STORM’S EYE, in Brin’s Out of Time universe. It was his first science fiction piece.

His second work, CITY OF DAY, released in February 2023 and was the first book of his debut fantasy trilogy, the Nightfall series. Though it was the first tale in the world of Astera, it will not be the last. The Nightfall series will conclude with book three in 2025. The books are published by Falstaff Books, the Misfit Toys of Publishing.

October K Santerelli's signature in gold
October K Santerelli's signature in gold

Santerelli has spoken to numerous organizations, podcasts, youtube channels, and more — notably for his work as a sensitivity reader for the LGBTQ+ community, on the creative process for persons who are neurodivergent, and on writing craft. He has spoken to several branches of the Romance Writers Association (RWA), served as a Science Fiction/Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA) mentor, and been a guest, attending pro, and/or panelist at numerous conventions. He has spoken to people and groups in Canada as well as in the United States. Between 2021 and 2023, he gave over a dozen workshops and spoke on over 30 panels.

An avid creator, when he is not writing novels, comics, short stories, novellas, or video games, Santerelli can be found painting with the traditional media of watercolors — including creating fantasy maps with watercolor and brush pens, such as the one found at the beginning of CITY OF DAY

If you are interested in contacting October K Santerelli for a speaking engagement or to utilize his services as an author or sensitivity reader, please feel free to use the contact form on this website to do so.